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Resource Agribusiness Group Continues of Business Activities and Geographic Expansion of its Production Assets

The largest Russian poultry meat producer Resource Agribusiness Group announced the completion of the Shuvalovo Group assets acquisition transaction. Assets include a feed mill, three pig farms, a meat processing plant, and a dairy cattle breeding complex in the Kostroma Region (central part of Russia).

Despite the fact that pig farming is a new area of activity for Resource Agribusiness Group, integration of these assets in the Company’s structure makes perfect sense. Own raw materials base will supply further meat processing plants of Resource Agribusiness Group for the production of sausages and meat delicacies in a sustained way.

Integration of new assets into the technological cycle will make it possible to increase production volumes and to continue effective realization of Resource Agribusiness Group’s potential. It is important to note, that isolated location of pig farms relative to poultry complexes will enable compliance with halal requirements when producing poultry meat.

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In 2023, the number of Company’s regions of presence increased to 21 due to acquisitions of assets in the Vladimir and Vologda Regions as well as the Chuvash Republic. The Company's new area of activity last year became dairy production.
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