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Resource Agribusiness Group Discussed Perspectives for Developing BRICS Cooperation in the Agro-Industrial Complex

The Conference on Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Development took place in Moscow on June 27th in the run-up to the BRICS Agriculture Ministers' Meeting. During the business session representatives of the association countries' authorities, business and expert community discussed issues of ensuring food security, mutual development of the agro-industrial complex products and realization of infrastructure projects.

Oksana Lut, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in her welcoming speech highlighted that the expansion of BRICS in 2024 marks the start of a new stage of the association’s growth and gave extra opportunities for strengthening cooperation in the agricultural sector.

Dmitry Antonov, Senior Vice President and Director for External Relations and GR of Resource Agribusiness Group, outlined in his report that the share of food export of the company to the BRICS countries is traditionally significant. As of 2023, more than a half (54%) of the poultry meat export and near a third (27%) of the sunflower oil export were delivered to the association countries markets.

“Resource Agribusiness Group being an active member of the Russian part of the Working Group on Agriculture of the BRICS Business Council attaches special importance to the cooperation within the association and sees great potential for further development of its expansion to the member states markets and realization of investment projects”, – Dmitry Antonov.
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