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Resource Agribusiness Group Took Part in EXPO-2020


Dubai World Expo 2020 (the name has been retained despite the postponement of the event due to the pandemic) continues the 170-year history of showcasing the latest technologies from around the world. From February 12 to 15, within the framework of EXPO, the Russian Week of Agriculture was held, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Agroexport Federal Center. Representatives of the Resource Agribusiness Group took part in the business program, which included a plenary session, a panel discussion and a number of round tables. In addition, the Company acted as a partner of the gastronomic show.

At the plenary session “Towards the Future of Agriculture”, the heads of leading Russian exporting companies and commercial, industrial and investment companies in the Middle East discussed large-scale changes in the global agro-industrial complex, including rising food prices, expanding the ESG agenda, and intensifying investments in new technologies.

In particular, it was about the balance between the markets of traditional meat and vegetable analogues. “It is too early to say that traditional meat can be replaced by vegetable or artificial meat in the future. Especially from the point of view of Russian agriculture, where there are huge resources for increasing production in both crop and livestock production. And, perhaps, Russia will be able to act as a kind of balancing country that will develop production in all these areas,” suggested Dmitry Krasnov, head of the Agroexport Federal Center.

One of the speakers at the meeting was Dmitry Antonov, Senior Vice-President, Director of Sales and Strategic Development of Resource Agribusiness Group. In his speech, he reported on the results of the Company's export activities in 2021 (the volume of foreign supplies of poultry products amounted to 125 thousand tons, sunflower oil - 85 thousand tons) and further plans to expand the geography of shipments. Also, the representative of the Group, in the process of discussing the development of markets for traditional and alternative types of meat, focused on the fact that there is no real contradiction between these types of protein, but it must be taken into account that the natural meat food chain is much more complex.

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