Due to the introduced technologies and modern equipment of the Company’s oil extraction plants, we manufacture products that meet stringent international standards. Our product line includes unrefined and refined deodorized, bulk and bottled sunflower oil, as well as various blends of vegetable oils.

The assortment line of one of the most recognizable brands in the south of Russia includes not only poultry products, but also sunflower oil and various blends of vegetable oils.


An export brand of sunflower oil targeted at international markets, where environmentally friendly products from Russia are highly valued. A classic combination of the best traditions of quality and rich taste for cuisines from around the world.

Chistoye Zoloto

Extra virgin sunflower oil is perfect for preparing meals on holidays and weekdays, it is recommended for diversification of healthy eating for the whole family.


Premium sunflower oil is made according to the classic recipe in accordance with GOST. A good choice for making sauces, salad dressings, and home canning.


Export brand of sunflower oil from Resource Agribusiness Group. EVOLIA products are created by nature and the energy of the sun. The perfect combination of nutrients, and benefits of vitamins in every drop of the product.

Udachnaya Tsena

Sunflower oil and broiler meat of the brand Udachaya tsena (Good deal) are a real catch for those who are rational about their budget, choosing quality at the best price.

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